Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sail Dress

Finally the Sailboat Dress is finished! It took some changes but it came out well.  Christi had to help me rip out the top shoulders and the zipper. Originally the zipper was on the outside but I felt it was a bit much for the print of the dress.   I love the out come of the dress.

I believe besides the boats my favorite part of the dress is the small pleats in the front with the little red buttons. I've had those buttons for quite a while and finally something they could adorn proudly.

You would never believe that the dress was at one time a a sheet.  Christi and I found the sheet at Goodwill. What drew me to the fabric was the sail boats.  I wanted to wear the dress for fourth of July but due to the set backs it wasn't worn. :(

But I believe I will wear teh dress on a warm day and go out shopping this coming weekend.

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