Monday, July 12, 2010

Grocery bags

Well I decided to make some grocery bags for us here at home because I am wanting to go green as much as possible in our home. So I took a fun fabric and started making bags, I only have 2 finished for now this week I should be making more ;)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Josephine Apron from A is Aprons

A is for Apron is a sewing book I picked up a couple weeks back.  Inside the book are some very awesome aprons and one that caught my eye was the Josephine apron.  The apron is meant to be a reversible apron, however mine is not.

Again I decided to upgrade some curtain panels I found while thrifting with my friend Christi.  As you can tell we sew a lot together.  Today she came by to sit and talk bread with me.  I found us some breadmakers at a VERY decent price.  So I wanted recipes which she had.  Off subject but I had started cutting out the pattern for the Josephine and decided to share with Christi what I was doing.  We began immediately on cutting out the remaining pieces and started sewing.

She helped until she had to go home.

When I made it back home I decided to finish the apron. I have an apron my friend made me over a year ago but well its white and saids BRIDE- I love it but I wanted something more me ;)

Now I have this lovely apron that took only 1 of my curtain panels so I have to find something to do with the second panel.  Never know what I will do :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pajamas! From Weekend sewing

These pajamas I can thank Christi for.  We again was scavenging Goodwill for cute remnants to turn into something comfy. And i found this sheet.  It was well loved and very soft due to that.

Christi has a book called Weekend Sewing and there is a pattern for pajamas for everyone. And well We made pajamas for me and her both.   I really wish I had pictures of her pajamas; they are too cute!

We used the edge of the sheet for the cuffs at the pants and shirt. We did some adjustments to the binding that was there but it came out really well.  We placed grommets in the waist band instead of button holes.  Button holes are not my friend lol. I know it will come with practice-but hmm...grommets and snaps work :)

 I love the binding that we placed on the facing of the pajama top.  

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sail Dress

Finally the Sailboat Dress is finished! It took some changes but it came out well.  Christi had to help me rip out the top shoulders and the zipper. Originally the zipper was on the outside but I felt it was a bit much for the print of the dress.   I love the out come of the dress.

I believe besides the boats my favorite part of the dress is the small pleats in the front with the little red buttons. I've had those buttons for quite a while and finally something they could adorn proudly.

You would never believe that the dress was at one time a a sheet.  Christi and I found the sheet at Goodwill. What drew me to the fabric was the sail boats.  I wanted to wear the dress for fourth of July but due to the set backs it wasn't worn. :(

But I believe I will wear teh dress on a warm day and go out shopping this coming weekend.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July

Well update on the sail dress.....i had to modify it so it won't be worn today :(

but it is ok its a learning experience. So now that I have to rip out the stitches at the zipper and trimming the selvage off where I need to adjust the seams tomorrow and decided how and if I will continue with a exterior zipper or bring it as an invisible zipper.