Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sailing: Fourth of July dress

Well I finally decided to get to it and cut out the pattern for my 4th dress. Yet it was a fail....the pattern will not work with the print! What am I going to do? Was my thought, then mamasita (Christi) came to my rescue.  So now I am going to do a princess seam with a pleated bottom :) And I have...four days to do .... I'm not quite sure if I can have it done by then but I am sure going to try ;)

Well now I am off to find my pattern that will work with my princess seam....

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pixie skirt

Yesterday I was explaining to Alex and Evan about my fairies and about pixies.  While doing so all I could see in my head was a beautiful layered pixie handkerchief skirt.  Alas I needed to be working on my fourth of July out fit..but I couldn't get the skirt out of my head. So I made it. Very easy!

It takes 2 squares and a slight rectangle with a cut out that is half the width of your waist i.e. if you are 40" then it needs to be 20" :)

Well skirt is made and looks well in an outfit. I am thinking of wearing it tomorrow so I should have a better picture to add later.

Tea Date Dress: A little tea please

This pattern is based off of the coffee date dress on Burda Style.  However since I'm not a really big ruffle girl I decided on a nice pink sash around the beautiful blue instead :)

I've not gotten to wear this one yet but I can't wait until I can.

It is made out of a stretch knit which is very soft and forgiving :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Organization is key...

Well I've not felt well this past week and it didn't help that all I wanted to do is sleep. Not much sewing was done >_<
But I think i made up for that tonight. Me and Christy decided it would be a smart thing to start going throught the fabric and actually tab what we will be doing with each thing.  So that is what we did and my poor dining room....

After we decided to get everything organized it was time for us to have time to sew and decide what to do with the remaining stash.  I am quite stuck on a couple of fabrics...

this beautiful blue? I am seriously dumbfounded at what to do with it..

This red fabric is similar and again... I am clueless....

Now this quaint flower print and the pretty green found a use :) I am doing the A-line skirt from Burda and a cute button up shirt ( I am going to cheat and do snaps instead... really suck at button holes), and then a little cover up to match. I can't wait until its done :)

I have a Neapolitan array I am clueless on too.. they are satiney material so...I think I bought them as costume material but no clue at what costume or dress.

I found a beautiful flower print in my tons of fabric and decided it would make a lovely kimono top. However it is quite see through. So we are pairing it with a deep orange.

During this time of looking at fabric I realized I hadn't started on the coffee date dress so.....I began to cut out and i actually got started on the coffee date dress. 

During this time me and Christy found a dress that I had hid for a while. My sister found it at Goodwill and I was going to turn it into a purse. But instead I gave it to Christy. Thank god for me procrastinating on it because the dress fit her like a glove!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Classy Dame Pics

As promised here are the pictures of my original dress and capelet that I made in the past two days :)

Cutting Blues

have you ever decided man I want to do this but I don't want to do this? I want to sew pajamas for my husband but gosh I seriously hate cutting out patterns. *sighs* I guess it wouldn't be that big of a deal if I just do it lol. But I have a nice thing called procrastination and....INTERNET! I've been looking up pattern sites and sewing groups :) I guess since its late I best go to bed since I decided today I wanted bangs and did a big SNIP......*sighs* I'm not sure how I feel about them. So far Hachi and Gary likes it. I guess I just have to grow to love them. They will grow out within a few weeks so no biggie. Its hair it grows back.

Here a few things I have discovered that I love :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


I forgot I wanted to post the things I found that has given me inspiration to sew and create a new wardrobe~!

Classy Dame

Today I have been working on a new project which started actually last night. I had this great little capelet pattern that I decided to work with. So looking through my fabric I find this nice suede-ish feeling fabric with a nice velveteen fabric.. So I do a adorable capelet which isn't quite finished yet because it needs a clasp that I've not purchased yet. :)

I seriously need a trip to Hobby Lobby. So what I may do is do a hook and eye instead of a clasp ... I'm not too sure yet thou. I also need to put up my beautiful cloak that I finished also. So last night after finishing the capelet I was determined to make a dress today to match it.

Laying the fabric I realized that I may not have enough fabric left to do a dress! I panicked what am I to do? Then I remember my botched attempt last night assured me extra velveteen fabric. So I was saved again by a botch :)) I love it when botches come out in the good! The dress has been finished and tomorrow I am looking to take pictures in the dress ;) and capelet! I may even do a couple of pics with my cloak I finished! Never know, I guess we will have to wait and see!

Well I am off here for now, I have had a wonderful dinner my husband cooked for me yet now I need to look at my next project...Pajamas for my hubby who is awesome!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flare to be white

I had this material that well ... I needed to find a home for and well I decided a skirt. The material laid really well but never and I say never try to sew when taking medicine that causes drowsiness. *sigh* Ripping stitches is the worst thing to have to do. :(

But the skirt came out well even thou it has a couple of defects that later I will remedy but for the time it will be ok.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A little hip..pie never hurt..

Well I decided to work on a cute little chemise godet dress. I had 2 yards of material and was very much wanting to do something besides a purse with it. But now it is hard for me to do much with 2 yards of fabric for me. I have gained weight over the past couple of years and well I'm still not quite where I need to be. I have lost 20 pounds which is a great thing. I am however stuck on the plateau of 140. *sighs*

That is neither here nor there! So I decided to give it a try if I could do the dress with less than 3 yards of fabric. I did accomplish that but I may be salvaging the dress for a purse :( or it going to a friend of mine.

I think the print of the fabric is a bit out there for me, yet I love it! I am trying to over come my shyness on clothes. So here is a pic of the dress, hopefully I will be able to post pics of me in the dress soon!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cute dress

Well hello; you have found me working on my second project this week :) that is McCall's Easy pattern 6025. Its an adorable little dress however I am mixing up style A and B. I love B's closed back where I like A's sleeve a bit more functional. I've already pre-washed the fabric now all I need to do is finish cutting out the pattern then time for assembly.

I am looking to have half my closet redone with clothes that I have sewn. So wish me luck. classes start back in August so I've got to get busy :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cute Grey Skirt

Today I did up a cute gray skirt :) I did a contrast of black material at the top for a band. I will post pictures later for it :)