Monday, June 14, 2010

Classy Dame

Today I have been working on a new project which started actually last night. I had this great little capelet pattern that I decided to work with. So looking through my fabric I find this nice suede-ish feeling fabric with a nice velveteen fabric.. So I do a adorable capelet which isn't quite finished yet because it needs a clasp that I've not purchased yet. :)

I seriously need a trip to Hobby Lobby. So what I may do is do a hook and eye instead of a clasp ... I'm not too sure yet thou. I also need to put up my beautiful cloak that I finished also. So last night after finishing the capelet I was determined to make a dress today to match it.

Laying the fabric I realized that I may not have enough fabric left to do a dress! I panicked what am I to do? Then I remember my botched attempt last night assured me extra velveteen fabric. So I was saved again by a botch :)) I love it when botches come out in the good! The dress has been finished and tomorrow I am looking to take pictures in the dress ;) and capelet! I may even do a couple of pics with my cloak I finished! Never know, I guess we will have to wait and see!

Well I am off here for now, I have had a wonderful dinner my husband cooked for me yet now I need to look at my next project...Pajamas for my hubby who is awesome!

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