Thursday, June 10, 2010

A little hip..pie never hurt..

Well I decided to work on a cute little chemise godet dress. I had 2 yards of material and was very much wanting to do something besides a purse with it. But now it is hard for me to do much with 2 yards of fabric for me. I have gained weight over the past couple of years and well I'm still not quite where I need to be. I have lost 20 pounds which is a great thing. I am however stuck on the plateau of 140. *sighs*

That is neither here nor there! So I decided to give it a try if I could do the dress with less than 3 yards of fabric. I did accomplish that but I may be salvaging the dress for a purse :( or it going to a friend of mine.

I think the print of the fabric is a bit out there for me, yet I love it! I am trying to over come my shyness on clothes. So here is a pic of the dress, hopefully I will be able to post pics of me in the dress soon!

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