Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Organization is key...

Well I've not felt well this past week and it didn't help that all I wanted to do is sleep. Not much sewing was done >_<
But I think i made up for that tonight. Me and Christy decided it would be a smart thing to start going throught the fabric and actually tab what we will be doing with each thing.  So that is what we did and my poor dining room....

After we decided to get everything organized it was time for us to have time to sew and decide what to do with the remaining stash.  I am quite stuck on a couple of fabrics...

this beautiful blue? I am seriously dumbfounded at what to do with it..

This red fabric is similar and again... I am clueless....

Now this quaint flower print and the pretty green found a use :) I am doing the A-line skirt from Burda and a cute button up shirt ( I am going to cheat and do snaps instead... really suck at button holes), and then a little cover up to match. I can't wait until its done :)

I have a Neapolitan array I am clueless on too.. they are satiney material so...I think I bought them as costume material but no clue at what costume or dress.

I found a beautiful flower print in my tons of fabric and decided it would make a lovely kimono top. However it is quite see through. So we are pairing it with a deep orange.

During this time of looking at fabric I realized I hadn't started on the coffee date dress so.....I began to cut out and i actually got started on the coffee date dress. 

During this time me and Christy found a dress that I had hid for a while. My sister found it at Goodwill and I was going to turn it into a purse. But instead I gave it to Christy. Thank god for me procrastinating on it because the dress fit her like a glove!

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