Sunday, July 11, 2010

Josephine Apron from A is Aprons

A is for Apron is a sewing book I picked up a couple weeks back.  Inside the book are some very awesome aprons and one that caught my eye was the Josephine apron.  The apron is meant to be a reversible apron, however mine is not.

Again I decided to upgrade some curtain panels I found while thrifting with my friend Christi.  As you can tell we sew a lot together.  Today she came by to sit and talk bread with me.  I found us some breadmakers at a VERY decent price.  So I wanted recipes which she had.  Off subject but I had started cutting out the pattern for the Josephine and decided to share with Christi what I was doing.  We began immediately on cutting out the remaining pieces and started sewing.

She helped until she had to go home.

When I made it back home I decided to finish the apron. I have an apron my friend made me over a year ago but well its white and saids BRIDE- I love it but I wanted something more me ;)

Now I have this lovely apron that took only 1 of my curtain panels so I have to find something to do with the second panel.  Never know what I will do :)

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