Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pajamas! From Weekend sewing

These pajamas I can thank Christi for.  We again was scavenging Goodwill for cute remnants to turn into something comfy. And i found this sheet.  It was well loved and very soft due to that.

Christi has a book called Weekend Sewing and there is a pattern for pajamas for everyone. And well We made pajamas for me and her both.   I really wish I had pictures of her pajamas; they are too cute!

We used the edge of the sheet for the cuffs at the pants and shirt. We did some adjustments to the binding that was there but it came out really well.  We placed grommets in the waist band instead of button holes.  Button holes are not my friend lol. I know it will come with practice-but hmm...grommets and snaps work :)

 I love the binding that we placed on the facing of the pajama top.  

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